Michigan football mock draft: Where will the Wolverines be picked in 2024?

FanSided college sports writer Ericka Brockish looks at the 2024 Michigan draft class and predicts when players like J.J. McCarthy and Blake Corum could hear their names called on Draft Day.
Jan 8, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines quarterback J.J. McCarthy (9) passes the ball in the National Championship.
Jan 8, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines quarterback J.J. McCarthy (9) passes the ball in the National Championship. / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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Michigan mock draft. player. . Michael Barrett. 87. . Round 6. Michael Barrett. 164. Pick 164

Michael Barrett has really good instincts when it comes to reading plays and finding where the ball is going. He is fast enough to stay with running backs, but big enough to bump receivers off their routes.

The Panthers need help in every position on their team. A good linebacker core in my opinion is essential to a good defense. They take care of the second level and can stop plays before they become too big.

Barrett can stop the big plays and read quarterbacks well. He can be fast to get into the backfield and create chaos when needed. He needs to work on wrapping up on tackles and not just grabbing and pulling.

15. . Round 6. Trevor Keegan. . Pick 174. Trevor Keegan. player. Michigan mock draft. 174

Trevor Keegan is yet another offensive lineman to come out of this Michigan offense. He is a big guy coming in at six-foot-five and 308 pounds with a good base and the ability to mirror his rusher. He has good power and speed and doesn't let up on blocks.

The Saints may not know what they are going to do at quarterback going forward, but a good offensive line can go a long way. Keegan could be a solid addition to this line as a backup with the chance to become a starter.

Keegan is not a perfect player, he has things he can always polish and refine like blocking on an island and keeping a rusher away when he gets free. He panics on reach blocks and lunges, often holding, but these are coachable things.

Round 6. 36. . . Braiden McGregor. Braiden McGregor. 176. Michigan mock draft. Pick 176. player

Braiden McGregor has an excellent ability to discard blockers. He can change direction and spin away from blockers well in order to get to his target. He needs to bulk up a bit before he can become a more consistent player on the line, but he is strong and quick off the line.

With free agency about to hit, the Seahawks could be looking to fill spots on the defensive line. Edge rushers are always a need because if a team can't get to the quarterback and disrupt things, it tends to be a long game for the defense.

McGregor has a lot of work on before he is completely NFL-ready, but bulking up and putting on muscle is an easy fix compared to other things. While he is explosive, he is rarely the first player off the snap and he needs to work his moves a little faster than what he does now.

60. Pick 178. Round 6. Jaylen Harrell. 178. player. . . Michigan mock draft. Jaylen Harrell

It is not a coincidence that Jaylen Harrell and McGregor are so close on the draft boards. They are both quality edge rushers with work to do. Harrell has his strengths however, he is good on the blitz with his quickness and ability to work to get to the quarterback. He has good misdirection and can change direction quickly.

The Vikings need good edge rushers. They need guys to get their offense back on the field and the place way to do that is through the defensive line. Edge rushers are the best way to do that, especially when the DC dials up something strong with a lot of pressure.

Harrell is good both in the pass and rushing game and is just a good natural athlete. While he may not be elite right away in the rush game, he can get there He needs to work on expanding his vision and not being fooled by misdirection.

Undrafted free agents

  • TE AJ Barner
  • CB Josh Wallace
  • DB German Green
  • OL Trent Jones
  • WR Cornelius Johnson