Michigan football mock draft: Where will the Wolverines be picked in 2024?

FanSided college sports writer Ericka Brockish looks at the 2024 Michigan draft class and predicts when players like J.J. McCarthy and Blake Corum could hear their names called on Draft Day.
Jan 8, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines quarterback J.J. McCarthy (9) passes the ball in the National Championship.
Jan 8, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines quarterback J.J. McCarthy (9) passes the ball in the National Championship. / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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Michigan mock draft. Round 3. 58. . Roman Wilson. Roman Wilson. 67. player. . Pick 67

Roman Wilson could be a solid receiver for the Commanders in the coming year. Wilson is fast, maybe not Tyreek Hill fast, but he is fast and can accelerate quickly, enough to impress NFL scouts. Not only is he fast, but he can control his body well and his long arms and bigger frame make him a fast big body receiver.

The Commanders are in line to get a rookie quarterback this season to replace Same Howell. With a brand new coaching staff at the Commander, this team is looking to contend soon. New offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury is most known for coaching Patrick Mahomes at Texas Tech, but he was never able to get it done in Arizona with the Cardinals. Wilson is someone they want to help build around a young quarterback.

There is something to say about rookie-rookie quarterback and wide receiver relationships, they seem to be what works best for both sides. Wilson can come in a be that for whichever quarterback the front office chooses to bring in. His ability to track the ball and his good acceleration allows OCs to work with a lot of different schemes. He does have some problems with drops, but that can be worked on in training camp and he also needs to work on his run blocking.

13. player. Blake Corum. Blake Corum. . . 69. Michigan mock draft. Round 3. Pick 69

Blake Corum could reunite with his former college head coach. Corum is not the top running back going into the draft, but he has a lot of upsides. Corum is a runner through and through, he may not be used as much in the bigger passing game other than check-downs, but Corum's ability to flat-out run and run through tight spaces shows he can play in the NFL.

The Chargers stand to possibly lose Austin Ekeler this season to free agency. However, the good news for Chargers fans in they still have Justin Herbert. Herbert has the talent to get the ball to receivers down the field, but he needs a solid running back who can run and get a good amount of yards on first or second down.

Corum could be a perfect fit for the Chargers because they don't need a flashy running back and typically they like to use the running back position in the check-down passing game. If Corum can work more on his receiving game, he could become elite in this league.

46. Round 3. Michigan mock draft. . Mike Sainristil. 82. player. . Pick 82. Mike Sainristil

Mike Sainristil is a solid cornerback in the draft and the Colts can steal this guy off the draft boards for a good price. Sainristil has speed and an ability to keep up with receivers well and knock them off routes early. He has quick feet and can mirror receivers well by turning his hips and changing direction well.

The Colts could use help on all three levels of their defense. Their offense is coming into form, although who knows what Anthony Richardson will be like in year two. Their secondary needs help and Sainristil could be the shot in the arm this team needs

While he isn't the perfect player, he has more upsides than downsides. He does tend to be a grad-and-drag tackler, but he is very coachable.