Michigan football mock draft: Where will the Wolverines be picked in 2024?

FanSided college sports writer Ericka Brockish looks at the 2024 Michigan draft class and predicts when players like J.J. McCarthy and Blake Corum could hear their names called on Draft Day.
Jan 8, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines quarterback J.J. McCarthy (9) passes the ball in the National Championship.
Jan 8, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines quarterback J.J. McCarthy (9) passes the ball in the National Championship. / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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The Michigan Wolverines have a record number of guys going into the draft and a record number of Combine invites. They are also set up to have a record number of players selected in the draft. Fans should be ready to hear "from the University of Michigan" a lot during the 2024 NFL Draft.

There are a number of big names from this National Championship squad on this draft list from J.J. McCarthy and Blake Corum to Kris Jenkins and Junior Colson. Michigan fans could hear Michigan player's names called in almost every round of the draft.

In my opinion, what will be interesting is how many Michigan players the Los Angeles Chargers will select with former Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh now running that team. Either way, a lot of Michigan players will be playing int he NFL next season.

Here is my projection of where these talented young men will be heading in the summer.

Pick 12. 45. . Round 1. player. . J.J. McCarthy. J.J. McCarthy. 12. Michigan mock draft

J.J. McCarthy is one of the four best quarterbacks in the NFL Draft this year. With the top three quarterbacks projected to go with the first three picks, that leaves McCarthy to which team feels they need a QB bad enough. The six-foot-three quarterback can go top 10, but I let him slip just out of that range and sent him to the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos are kind of a hot mess right now, but from what it looks like, Russell Wilson will not be in a Broncos uniform next season and Sean Payton is looking for his next Drew Brees. McCarthy has the ability to be that for Payton.

McCarthy obviously had arm talent with the ability to fit the ball into tight spaces, but also air it out downfield for a big gain. He also can get out of tough situations in the pocket and use his feet when needed. However, he will still be a rookie in the big leagues and that is the ultimate test for players, especially quarterbacks coming out of college. McCarthy can excel in this league under the coaching of Payton, but he needs to work on the weaknesses that can be fixed.