Michigan Football in good standing with Elite O-line recruits

In this article, I look at some elite offensive line recruits that Michigan football is gaining momentum with, including a five-star and a handful of top four stars.
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Top 100 Douglas Utu (NV)

Douglas Utu was scheduled to be on campus Easter weekend for his first visit to Ann Arbor. This is a pretty new recruitment, so it'll be interesting to see where the Wolverines stand, but according to ON3 the Wolverines have the third best odds to land Utu. It will be very difficult to steal a recruit from the West Coast, but that may be easier with the Big Ten expansion.

Moore visited the high school of Utu earlier in the year, and it's clear that his message is resonating with Utu. Utu was a teammate of 2024 Michigan running back signee Micah Ka'apana, so the Wolverines have an in here.

It'll be interesting to see if the Wolverines can get Utu to commit to an official visit. The Wolverines definitely have momentum here.