Michigan Football: How High Will JJ McCarthy be Drafted?

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
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Where J.J. McCarthy will end up

I think Chicago could be a good spot. The Bears hold the #1 pick and the #9 pick. While I highly doubt the Bears would be willing to use the #1 pick on McCarthy, we could definitely see them trade down a few spots to secure additional payment, and then pick McCarthy. It would make sense, especially considering McCarthy is an Illinois kid.

The Patriots at three seems like a bit of a reach, especially with Belichick gone, but they will likely be in the market for a quarterback. I don't love this landing spot, but it's a possibility. The next two spots may be the most likely for McCarthy; eight to the Falcons or eleven to the Vikings.

The Falcons would have likely been a playoff team with better quarterback play, their new head coach even said so. That signals that they'll be in the market. There have been reports that the Falcons may target Kirk Cousins, but if they don't McCarthy seems like a natural fit. With the Falcons playmakers around him, McCarthy could have tremendous success.

Lastly, the Minnesota Vikings at 11. This also seems like a natural fit if the team moves on from Kirk Cousins. At this spot, McCarthy would definitely be the best quarterback on the board, and pairing him up with the best receiver in the league along with a borderline playoff squad seems like a great fit.

Coverage for the NFL combine begins on the 29th, so be sure to tune in to watch Michigan stars boost their draft stock! Go Blue!