Michigan football has played, but never beaten, these FBS teams

There aren't many teams Michigan hasn't beaten on the football field, but somehow these schools made that list.
Rutgers v Michigan
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Michigan football has had a lot of success throughout its long history. They have won bowl games, and conference titles, and now have a National Championship in their trophy case.

However, even with a successful history, there are teams that Michigan has never beaten. Now this doesn't count the teams that Michigan has never played, that is a different list. There are teams that the Wolverines have matchups against and have never beaten their opponent.

When looking at these teams though, there is one thing every team has in common. Michigan has only played them once in their long history. Also, every team except for one, beat Michigan in a bowl game in the postseason.

So here are the FBS teams that Michigan has never beaten in order based on their last meeting.

Michigan football vs. Oklahoma football

Overall record: 0-1
First meeting: 1/1/1976
Last meeting: 1/1/1976
Last score: 14-6, Oklahoma

With how good both of these programs are, it is crazy to think they have only met once in program history. However, these teams have only met once and you have to go back to the 70s to find the meeting.

Now these teams agreed to a deal back in 2024 that they would have future matchups in 2025 and 2026. Michigan will have a chance to even the series and maybe even take the lead.

The first time these teams met was in 1976 when they played in the Orange Bowl. Michigan was ranked No. 5 and Oklahoma was ranked No. 3. The Wolverines went 8-1-2 that season and was the runner-up in the Big Ten Conference. The Wolverines were the first Big Ten team to play in the Orange Bowl.

The fact that Michigan hasn't beaten the Sooners seems like a moot point right now, but if Michigan can't beat Oklahoma in their next two meetings, it might be something to look at.