Michigan football has never lost a game to these FBS teams

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Michigan football is undefeated against these Big 12 teams

The Big 12 has gone through and is continuing to go through a lot of changes. They added four Group of Five teams last year and will be losing Oklahoma and Texas this summer, but gain four Pac-12 teams. However, with the new teams added, Michigan has had it's fair share of success versus the Big 12.

Baylor Bears: Michigan technically has a tie against Baylor, but because they also have a win against the Bears, they are still undefeated against them with a 1-0-1 records. The first matchup back in 1975 is where the ties came from, but the second matchup in 1997 is where the Wolverines got their win over the Bears. Both of these games were in the regulars at home for Michigan.

UCF Knights: The Knights are just 0-1 against Michigan with the lone matchup coming back in 2016. The 2016 season was the season before the Knights went undefeated for two straight years. Michigan won the regular season matchup 51-14 over a team that was trying to get their feet back under them after a winless season the year before.

Cincinnati Bearcats: Cincinnati is another new Big 12 team and Michigan is 1-0 against the Bearcats as well. Cincinnati met Michigan at home in 2017 where the Wolverines won big by a score of 36-14.

Houston Cougars: Houston rounds out the three Big 12 newcomers on this list as they are 0-3 against Michigan. The first matchup between these teams was back in 1992 where the Wolverines put a 61-7 beatdown on the Cougars. The second matchup came just a year later with Michigan hanging 42 this time on ouston. The third matchup came in 2003 where Michigan put a big number on Houston winning 50-3. Every matchup was played at Michigan.

Kansas Jayhawks: The Kansas Jayhawks are 0-3 against Michigan but what is interesting is that the first two matchups go back to 1893 and 1894. Michigan won both of those 22-0 and 22-12. The Jayhawks and Wolverines then went almost 90 years without playing each other as they matched up in 1979 where the Wolverines won yet against 28-7.

Oklahoma State Cowboys: The Cowboys are just 0-2 against Michigan as their first matchup was almost 98 years ago in 1926 where Michigan won 42-3. Interestingly, Michigan only allowed three points to the Cowboys in both matchups as they won their second one against them in 1992 35-3. Both games were played in Michigan Stadium.

West Virginia Mountaineers: West Virginia is 0-1 against Michigan, but that one loss is huge. The first and only time the Mountaineers took on the Wolverines was back in 1904 when Michigan won 130-0. It was the third time in three years that Michigan had put over 100 points on an opponent and it was the most points the Wolverines have ever scored in a game.