Michigan football gets a big win on the recruiting trail

Michigan Football Spring Game
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Michigan football is back in the win column in terms of recruiting, after four star offensive lineman Avery Gach announced his commitment to Michigan on Friday. The Wolverines were considered the heavy favorite, but as we've seen you can't expect anything in recruiting nowadays.

Gach is a big win for Michigan. He was a top offensive line target for Ohio State, and was a Michigan State legacy. Stealing him from two rivals is great for the Wolverines. Gach is the first offensive line commit in the 2025 class, in what is likely going to be a smaller group of linemen after taking a large 2024 class.

Sherrone Moore did a great job recruiting Gach. He consistently got the talented lineman back on campus, and even ended up getting Gach to move up his recruitment timeline. Gach was previously scheduled to announce a commitment after taking official visits over the Summer. Sherrone Moore and Grant Newsome put the full court press on Gach, and got him to pull the trigger much earlier.

What does this mean for the 2025 Michigan football recruiting class?

Well, this is a cornerstone commitment. Gach is going to be a vocal leader, and he's going to recruit other kids to come to Michigan. He's clearly somebody Michigan football wanted in the class early, and the Wolverines have officially succeeded.

With all the talk of Michigan's NIL struggles on the recruiting trail, it's going to be key for the Wolverines to get these kids locked in as early as possible so that they can grow their relationships and really showcase what Michigan football can do for them beyond just giving them money to commit.

Keep in mind that Michigan's NIL as a whole isn't bad, just in terms of recruiting. The stars at Michigan are making lots of money, as evidenced by the fact that none of them transferred despite the massive offers other teams were throwing at them.

After a bad loss with Marquise Davis, Gach is a much needed win that restores some recruiting momentum for the Wolverines. I'd expect things to be quiet in terms of commitments for the next few weeks, but with official visit season about to begin, things should really start to ramp up.


Gach is undoubtedly going to be on campus for many of the big recruiting weekends giving his pitch to other recruits. This is a great land that will help the Wolverines in multiple ways. Go Blue!