Michigan Football: Could Wolverines have Multiple First Round Picks?

Michigan National Championship Celebration
Michigan National Championship Celebration / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

We are about 2.5 months away from the NFL draft, in what should be an excellent week for Michigan football and its fans. The Wolverines have a legitimate shot at shattering the record for most draft picks in a year, which is currently 15, set by Georgia in 2022. The Wolverines also have multiple potential first-rounders, with one making a surge through the rankings. Let's take a look.

The list obviously starts with quarterback JJ McCarthy. While he didn't put up insane stats at Michigan, everybody knows he's got an NFL skillset. He is a near surefire first-rounder, and there are even reports that NFL executives are much higher on McCarthy than the media, potentially slotting him in the top 10.

It seems like a foregone conclusion that McCarthy is going to ace every interview he walks into, and teams know that he is a culture changing player. Everybody knows that McCarthy has the potential to be an NFL star. The only questions are about some of his lackluster performances at Michigan.

While much of that can likely be attributed to the style of offense, there were some head scratching moments from McCarthy throughout the season, such as throwing it straight to Caleb Downs on the first play of the Rose Bowl.

Things like that will likely prevent McCarthy from being the first quarterback off the board, as Jim Harbaugh predicted, but there is a legitimate argument for McCarthy as the second or third quarterback off the board; McCarthy just turned 21 and is a proven winner. A team like Atlanta or Minnesota could make a lot of sense for McCarthy.

McCarthy isn't the only possible first-rounder. Following a tremendous Senior Bowl performance, Roman Wilson is getting talked about as a potential first-round draft pick. Wilson would be the first Michigan football receiver drafted in the first round under Jim Harbaugh.

Roman Wilson was another victim of Michigan's run first offense, but the star receiver has been showing out against the competition recently. Wilson was one of the best players during Senior Bowl practice, and a good NFL combine could solidify Wilson as a first rounder.

As a recruit, Roman Wilson had a 4.37 second 40 yard dash. If he runs in the 4.3s or lower, he could make a great case for himself. Wilson's athleticism is going to really help him out.

Another guy who could make his case is Kris Jenkins. Jenkins is currently being mocked as a second rounder, but he's another guy who could really benefit at the NFL combine. He's a tremendous leader who is going to get high rankings solely off of his personality, but he's also an athletic freak.

Nicknamed "The Mutant", Jenkins is going to have the opportunity to put his athleticism on full display. An elite performance could give him first round consideration.

Those three appear to be the names to watch for in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft. It's a shame that All-American guard Zak Zinter went down with a season ending injury, otherwise we could be looking at 3-4 first round picks for the Wolverines.

This draft should be a very fun one for Michigan football fans, enjoy it. Go Blue!