Michigan Football: 3 takeaways from a ceremonious Rose Bowl win

On the grandest stage of them all, in overtime, Michigan football slayed the SEC beast that has had a stranglehold on the national scene for almost two decades.
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2. Jim Harbaugh and Michigan excercised some serious demons

The SEC reign is over. Jim Harbaugh and Michigan put an end to that. That same Harbaugh and Michigan football who couldn't win a bowl game either. They said he couldn't beat the greatest coach of our time in Nick Saban and he just did that. This is Harbaugh's finest moment at his alma mater until at least next Monday night.

Michigan football had to overcome the sign-stealing scandal and the suspensions of Harbaugh as well. Everything that the NCAA and his enemies have thrown at him are not working. His critics, like Paul Finebaum are sulking in their tears right now. All they will have left to say is that Michigan football cheated and they should not be recognized as champions if they win it all next week.

14 wins is also a program high. Whether Harbaugh wins or not in Houston, the rumors will ramp up the second a coach gets fired in the NFL. If he does find a way to eliminate Washington and moves onward, Michigan may be in a good place because of Sherrone Moore and the entire staff that Harbaugh put together.