Michigan Football: 3 takeaways from a ceremonious Rose Bowl win

On the grandest stage of them all, in overtime, Michigan football slayed the SEC beast that has had a stranglehold on the national scene for almost two decades.
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1. Michigan's defense contained Jalen Milroe

Alabama's number one option on offense didn't even combine for over 200 total yards. He made some timely runs, but only had 63 yards with his legs. Jesse Minter's men knocked him down 6 times, with no thanks to his center who snapped it to him low one too many times on Monday. The last play was in fact a low snap that Milroe had to step back from and it cost him precious yardage.

The secondary held Milroe to 116 yards and Quinten Johnson forced a fumble on him that Josh Wallace recovered when they desperately needed it. Junior Colson was the leading tackler, with his linebacker mate Mike Barrett, right behind him. It was a total group effort for everyone on that side of the ball.

Alabama did outrush the Wolverines, but Milroe only averaged three yards a crack. Take away Jase McClellan's 34 yard run and he only managed to gain 53 yards. The passing attack was basically silent, but next week is a different story when they face the nation's most potent offense in Washington.