Michigan Football: 3 realistic expectations for Alex Orji as a starter

The non-stop discussion about how Alex Orji will fare as the Michigan football starter will continue to rage on through the summer until he faces his first major opponent in September.
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Building off the success of 2023 for Sherrone Moore and Michigan football will not be an easy path. It has to rebuild in certain offensive areas that will be vital to continue how long they can remain as the hunted of the Big Ten conference and on the national stage. The most glaring hole is at quarterback with Alex Orji dubbed as the next man up. He's got a lot to prove whether or not he'll be a trusted source or a flame out with intense pressure surrounding him.

Here are three realistic expectations for Michigan's next presumed signal caller.

1. Orji can surpass 500 yards rushing

After witnessing what Orji can do with his legs in the spring game, this is not an unrealistic goal for him. He could compile even more based on broken-down plays and the run-oriented offense of Michigan football. It wouldn't be a surprise if he ended up being Michigan's second-leading rusher behind Donovan Edwards in 2024.

His rushing abilities might even remind some of Denard Robinson. He's not as fast, but he appears to have game-changing ability based on a little sampling. That's a broad statement to say now and can surely change once we get a better understanding of what he's capable of. There's no doubt at some point during the season that Michigan's offense will have to rely on his legs to get them through some crucial sequences.

Of course he won't be coddled by defenders like he was in the spring. Although another year of familiarity with Kirk Campbell should improve his management of the entire unit. Don't be surprised if they use him in ways like they did with McCarthy, because if it isn't broke, then don't fix it.