Michigan Football: 3 overreactions from the spring game

These are three of the most absurd overreactions from the Michigan football spring game on Saturday.
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3. The quarterback situation is a lot less murky now

This statement couldn't seem further from the truth. Besides two throws from Davis Warren, Michigan's quarterback battle was not settled on Saturday making this an overreaction. Alex Orji didn't do anything noteworthy like Warren, while Jayden Denegal had it rough at times. We didn't get to see enough of Jadyn Davis either to garner a true understanding of him yet.

Warren definitley had the best statistics and took a step forward today, but can he really be counted on as the every down solution? Orji appeared to limp his way into the endzone on the blue team's final play. That could be something to monitor, but he had some errant passes and he didn't make those throws that would reassure everyone that he is the clear-cut number one guy.


The portal options are not as good as one could have hoped for on the other hand. Kirk Campbell's unit will have to rely on Donovan Edwards until the situation works itself out. Michigan football also doesn't have the luxury like they did a season ago with this year's unrelenting schedule.