Michigan Football: 3 overreactions from the spring game

These are three of the most absurd overreactions from the Michigan football spring game on Saturday.
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1. Jack Tuttle or Jadyn Davis should be the starter against Fresno State

As hard as this is to believe-someone, somewhere is probably saying this. We didn't get to see Tuttle on Saturday, but we did see Davis and he is certainly not ready. That makes this an overreaction of epic proportions. Davis made a nice throw on fourth down that was broken up by Jyaire Hill and that was his moment of the day.

Tuttle has starting experience at Indiana, but not enough to warrant starter material. Davis is the unquestionable future, so why not throw him out there in week one? It's clear to see that they are not in the conversation and will be battling it out for the third spot off the bench. Davis Warren has surpassed Tuttle with that performance for now.

Davis will almost certainly be and already is the expected starter in 2025. He's not where J.J. McCarthy was in 2021 yet, so he will see limited action until the light switches for him. The difference this time is that Michigan football doesn't have a player like Cade McNamara to fall back on.