Michigan Football: 3 overreactions from the 2024 NFL scouting combine

These are three of the most absurd overreactions from last weekend's popular combine event in Indy.
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2. J.J. McCarthy's throwing session was underwhelming

Yes J.J. McCarthy threw some incompletions on Saturday, but who didn't? When it comes down to it the combine means not as much as you would think to the process. Interviews and getting to know the person in general are more important. Franchises want to know the type of guy they are hiring to be the face of the organization, city and even NFL in some cases.

The instant reactions that it sparked on social media were hilarious and dumbfounded. Ohio State influencers especially had a riot of a good time making fun of a young man who just beat them three times in a row and won the national championship. That makes this an overreaction of utter stupidity and pure jealousness.

McCarthy will get the last laugh again, especially if the Michigan football goes top three. The safest bet for him would be to go to a team that has a veteran in place already and that he can learn from for about two years or so. However, that may be unlikely with the way that things are trending for him. He may be asked to be a starter from day one depending upon where he lands.