Michigan Basketball: Ranking the Big Ten's 4 newest head coaches

There will be four new head coaches in the 18 team Big Ten in 2024-25.
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2. Dusty May Michigan

May is arguably the hottest name of the four. He's also the only man who has sniffed the promised land of college basketball. He put Florida Atlantic on the map and now they are losing all of their players and commits. The Michigan basketball fanbase is already noticing what a grinder he is on the trail to fill out next year's roster.

May has hired Mike Boynton and Akeem Miskdeen as his assistants, based on reports. There should be at least one more to come. The hard part will be to find about 10 transfers or recruits who can make up the rotation for next season, but the options are stacking in his favor. Mgoblog likes the chances of May landing these primary three: Johnell Davis, Vlad Goldin, and Danny Wolf, while they're 50% on Khani Rooths and Alijah Martin.

Wolf is being projected to Michigan, thanks to on3.com. Will Tschetter is staying, but Terrance Williams may be going. Nimari Burnett hasn't decided yet, while Durral Brooks did something that nobody does anymore, he stuck to his commitment. If May can snag his guys from FAU and a few other surprises, then Michigan basketball can contend in his first year.