Michigan Basketball: 3 takeaways from a poverty-riddled season

From March mania to March misery Michigan basketball is in a unfamiliar and unwanted spot heading in to its offseason much earlier than anticipated.
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2. The Jon Sanderson debacle

Since 2009 Jon Sanderson was the team's strength and conditioning coach and a known Buckeye alum. Being that loyal to your arch-rival school speaks to his values of what type of person he truly is. Needless to say Sanderson was one of those very rare breeds that didn't let the nature of the rivalry get to him if he spent 15 years in Ann Arbor.

In December, he wasn't on the bench for the Iowa win and never returned. The news broke that he and coach Howard were involved in an incident off the court. Neither received any disciplinary action, but Michigan basketball had no choice but to choose Howard over Sanderson even in its most historically failing season.

Sanderson had to resign and hasn't resurfaced to this date. His son, who plays at Saline, was offered a scholarship, but that ship has sailed. Along with Sanderson, coach Howard should be scouring the nation for better assistants. Specifically a defensive mind, that is of course if he is lucky enough to remain on as the head coach of his alma mater.