If Jim Harbaugh returns, Michigan football wins the offseason

Ohio State football is having a great offseason, but if Jim Harbaugh comes back, Michigan football will be the offseason winner.
Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh lifts the AFCA Coaches' Trophy during the national championship
Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh lifts the AFCA Coaches' Trophy during the national championship / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Ohio State fans are enjoying their offseason and they should be. I mean, when is the last time the Buckeyes actually won something of substance on the football field?

The Buckeyes are 0-3 against Michigan football over the past three seasons. They haven't won the Big Ten title or a playoff game in those years, so yes, you can see why Buckeye fans are ready to wear the belt of "offseason champ" proudly.

And yes, Caleb Downs and Quinshon Judkins are great players. But talent has never been an issue for Ohio State. Yet, even with those moves and the weird hire of Bill O'Brien, the funny thing is that if Michigan football gets Jim Harbaugh back, that will have 10 times the impact of any Ohio State move.

To be clear, I do believe in Sherrone Moore if he is the next head coach. He proved he can lead Michigan football to a win over the Buckeyes, but Jim Harbaugh is one of the greatest head coaches of all time. He's one of a kind and as long as he's around, Michigan fooball won't be going anywhere.

Hell, if Harbaugh comes back, you can feel that Michigan football is about to go on a recruiting run, one that doesn't require the cheating that Ohio State does on a regular basis. The Wolverines might need to add a transfer portal quarterback, but the defense will be elite. The offensive line is going to be too, even with five new starters -- I'd still take it over OSU's and not think twice.

Stars matter. But so does culture and development. So while the Buckeyes are making flashy moves, Michigan football is getting better from within.

And yes, beating the Buckeyes will be difficult in 2024, just like it always is, but if Jim Harbaugh returns, there is no doubt in my mind that Michigan football will have beaten Ohio State in the competition for offseason champion too.


On that front, the Bleacher Report has a new report that says it's still essentially the Chargers or Michigan football for Harbaugh, who is reportedly a "plan B" for Atlanta. You know that will disappoint Ohio State fans who, more than anything, just want Jim Harbaugh gone this offseason, which is quite the change from a few years ago when they celebrated his contract extension.