Gut reactions to a typical loss for Michigan basketball

Michigan basketball was competitive for a half but it was the usual story of falling apart in the second half against Nebraska. Here are the gut reactions.
Mar 10, 2024; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA;  Michigan Wolverines guard Jaelin Llewellyn (3) shoots as
Mar 10, 2024; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; Michigan Wolverines guard Jaelin Llewellyn (3) shoots as / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

85. 488. Score. 70. 485. Final

The worst Big Ten regular season in Michigan basketball history is finally over, following another lopsided loss, this time to the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Michigan trailed by single digits at the break, but in the second half, the Wolverines couldn't sustain their offense. The defense was just as bad as the first half and a blowout ensued.

It seems like every single game, Michigan basketball starts well. Terrance Williams and Dug McDaniel were on fire, but the defensive effort is awful and the offense is inconsistent because of a lack of playmakers. You can't make tough shots all game long and eventually, the percentages even out.

The regular season record of 8-23 and 3-17 is embarrassing. So was the attendance on Sunday. It was an early game, but that was sad on Senior Day. I don't know if Juwan Howard is coming back but Michigan basketball can't have another season like this. It just can't. Here are the gut reactions from the 23rd loss in 26 games.

Gut reactions to another loss by Michigan basketball

  • The defensive effort is really disappointing. It's one thing when guys make tough, contested shots. That happens. But Michigan allows more dribble-in layups than any team I've ever seen.
  • There's no reason this team should be ranked No. 185 in defensive efficiency according to the Kenpom rankings. Effort is a huge issue there.
  • Kudos to Terrance Williams. He really improved his game this season. Michigan basketball fans talked a lot of crap and he proved us wrong. T-Will could be a nice role player on a good team. I'd enter the portal if I was him.
  • This season has been a nightmare. Michigan will have to win five games in five days to keep it alive. Whether Juwan is back or not, the culture has to change, along with a lot of other things.
  • Gut feeling is that Howard gets another season.