Grading the coordinator hires for Michigan Football

Sherrone Moore has filled out his Michigan football coaching staff with the hiring's of Kirk Campbell and Wink Martindale to the most coveted spots as his trusted coordinators.
David Rodriguez Munoz / USA TODAY
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Defensive Coordinator Wink Martindale (B+)

Martindale gets the nod over Joe Cullen from the NFL. He's been there for the last 20 years and now returns to college. The transition should be a little easier than it is to make the jump to the pros, but it won't be all peaches and cream. Greg Mattison comes to mind when he went from the Ravens defensive coordinator position to the same role at Michigan football.

Martindale knows the schematics of this defense inside and out, one that Mike MacDonald and Jesse Minter perfected for the last three years. The problem that some may have is that he is too old to relate to recruits. That's where Steve Clinkscale comes in. Retaining him was Moore's biggest win so far this offseason. Along with Clinkscale could be Drew Wilkins from the New York Giants, to presumably coach the linebackers. (Update, Clink has announced he's leaving for the NFL).

Martindale instantly becomes one of the most respected names in college on defense. Not to mention that his new unit is brimming with talent. To sum it all up I would give this hire a B+ because of his experience, but the fact that he hasn't been in the college atmosphere for two decades. I'll admit I was critical of the Minter hire from Vanderbilt and we all know how they turned out. Matching wits with new offensive coordinator at Ohio State, Chip Kelly, will be a sight to behold.