Grading the coordinator hires for Michigan Football

Sherrone Moore has filled out his Michigan football coaching staff with the hiring's of Kirk Campbell and Wink Martindale to the most coveted spots as his trusted coordinators.
David Rodriguez Munoz / USA TODAY
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Offensive Coordinator Kirk Campbell (B-)

Sherrone Moore didn't waste much time with this hiring. Campbell was the former offensive coordinator at Old Dominion, but got let go. Jim Harbaugh took a chance on him and here he is now. Personally I think most would have picked Mike Hart over Campbell, but has been MIA, at the moment of this writing.

Campbell did help recruit Jadyn Davis which is crucial. The two will be joined at the hip the next three to four years, as long as they stick together. A lot of folks have brought up the game where J.J. McCarthy went 26-30 against East Carolina, when Campbell was the offensive play caller. He actually outdid himself a week later when beating UNLV. Expecting a quarterback to do this in 2024 would be unrealistic.

Campbell is expected to call the plays, but Moore would be wise to have his voice heard on certain snaps. I would have to grade this a B- because of Campbell's past at ODU. He's obviously in a better spot now, but the offense losses a ton of talent and the defense will be ahead by the time the season rolls around. How he coaches whomever claims the most pressing role on offense will be how he ultimately gets judged as Michigan's man in charge of the engine.