Dark horse teams to win Big Ten Tournament

The Big Ten Tournament bracket is set and now all that is left is to play the games. Here are some teams that you could see make a run.
Michigan v Wisconsin
Michigan v Wisconsin / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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Since firing their head coach on Valentine's Day, Ohio State is 5-1 with a win over ranked Purdue and Nebraska. The Buckeyes really made a push at the end of the season and while their NCAA Tournament hopes are pretty low to none, they could still be. dark horse in the. Big Ten Tournament.

While the Buckeyes have the seventh-best offense in the Big Ten, they do have a top-five defense. They average only 69.0 points allowed per game and their offense averages 74.5 points per game giving them a +5.5 point differential which is favorable in matchups.

When it comes to rebounding, the Buckeyes are balanced on the offensive and defensive side of the ball averaging 10.6 offensive rebounds per game and 25.6 defensive rebounds per game, making them a top-five rebounding team in the Big Ten when looking at the rebound differential, which is +2.5.

What could hurt this team would be turnovers as they average 10.7 per game. If they want to make a run and really scare the teams they are playing against, they need to keep turnovers to a minimum.