Could Michigan Football's defense be better then last year's championship version?

The 2023 defense was an all-timer, but the 2024 defense has a chance to be even better, if that's even possible to imagine.
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The departures of Junior Colson, Jaylen Harrell and Mike Barrett would be problematic for some defenses, but it shouldn't be for Michigan football. They have two dependable linebackers who can lock down those spots, while Jimmy Rolder and Jaydon Hood should see extended time as their primary backups. Rolder was flashing signs as a freshman but hasn't been healthy since.

Cole Sullivan appears to be the next all-American worthy Big Ten linebacker and might see the field right away. He got his named called a few times in the spring game and is already ahead of schedule.

Brian Jean-Mary has his sights set on some notable recruits too, while stabilizing the coaching position after the fallout from Chris Partridge.

Going the portal route for another body or two wouldn't be a bad idea in case the starters go down. They lost some quality backups that could have seen some playing time this year that way. The staff hasn't made any moves with this position yet, but clearly there's still time.