Can Michigan Football flip an elite 2025 linebacker?

In this article, I look at a top committed target who is set to visit Michigan football this weekend, and analyze the Wolverines' chances in his recruitment.
Ohio State v Michigan
Ohio State v Michigan / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

The Michigan Wolverines are still without a commitment under Sherrone Moore, which is becoming a bit of a concern since it has been about three months. However, the Wolverines have had boatloads of elite talent on campus, and are either the favorites or in great position for a handful of elite prospects.

The Wolverines are set to host more elite talent this weekend, and one name in particular stands out: linebacker Elijah Melendez. If you've been a big fan of recruiting for a while, this might be a familiar name. Melendez was a guy who loved Michigan football, and at one point the Wolverines were in a very good position with him.

Then other schools got involved, including the home state Miami Hurricanes, who are known for their NIL. Melendez committed to Miami, and it seemed like that ship had sailed with Michigan.

Things have recently taken a bit of a turn here, however. Contact between Michigan football and Melendez has picked up, and the Wolverines are set to host the borderline top 100 prospect this weekend, along with a slew of other top prospects.

Listen, it'll be tough to take Melendez away from the Hurricanes, especially considering he's a Florida native. The Hurricanes aren't quiet about playing the NIL game, while the Wolverines have been very lackluster on that front.

We've been hearing for a long time that Michigan's NIL was going to be competitive "soon". Well, with Jim Harbaugh gone, soon needs to be now. Michigan football has been hosting tons of elite prospects, and it's clear that the new staff has done a great job with these kids. Michigan just needs the NIL to land them now.


Anyways, this is one to watch going into the weekend. This visit likely won't result in Michigan flipping Melendez, but if they can get him to commit to an official visit later in the year, they'll have a real shot. Keep an eye out for news on Melendez or any other visitors for the Wolverines.