An Open Letter to Michigan Fans: National Championship Edition

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

I'm going to list a few years, when I'm done Michigan fans will immediately know what they have in common. 1992,1993,2013,2018, and 2019.

These years listed above are the last five times that a University of Michigan team has played in a highly mainstream National Championship game (or series in the CWS). They all ended with Michigan as the runner up.

Michigan's history is littered with heartbreak. As a fan myself, I remember the feeling from three of those five years listed above. It sucked. It was awful. I never want to feel the feeling that I felt those nights again.

The Michigan Football team is in a spot that with a win, all of this goes away! The Wolverines feel like a team of destiny, maybe more than any of those I listed above. The way this team has rallied around one another through adversity time and time again shows me that if any team is built to win a National Championship, it's this team on Monday Night. The win in the Rose Bowl reinforced that this is a team of destiny.


We sit here the day of the National Championship game and I want to say, don't take this for granted, this doesn't happen every year. Soak it up, and enjoy the fact that our favorite team is one of the final two teams remaining. I hope the athletes can soak it up as well!! There's one game left and it's for all the marbles. LET'S GO BLUE