A Tribute to the Greatest Special Teams Play of all Time

Jay Harbaugh is joining his dad in Los Angeles so it is only fitting to look back at one of the most impressive special teams coaching decisions made by him during his time in Ann Arbor.
Michigan Spring Football Game
Michigan Spring Football Game / Jaime Crawford/GettyImages

Although it was expected, Jay Harbaugh is now the former Michigan football special teams coach after it was announced on Thursday that he would join his father, Jim Harbaugh, with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Jay Harbaugh has done a stellar job with Michigan football and excelled after taking over the special teams. One play, in particular, stands out from his tenure with the Wolverines as Michigan football used this genius trick play for a special teams touchdown in 2021.

I remember watching this play and being in awe of how they pulled it off. This does not happen without hours of film study and tendency recognition. Harbaugh learned that Maryland consistently would pooch kick during a game.

The entire kickoff return team was aware that if it happened, they were going to run the throwback. Not only did they have to be aware, but they had to actually pull it off. The alignment of the players was not randomly selected, either.

Mike Barrett, a former high school quarterback, was put directly where the pooch kicks usually landed. The ball landed right in his hands and AJ Henning timed it perfectly running to the opposite side of the field. He was hit squarely in the chest and used his speed to take it to the end zone.


A true masterpiece of scheme and talent to pull off the perfect special teams play. Best of luck to Jay Harbaugh in his role with the Chargers. I will always remember this play as one of the best special teams plays I have ever witnessed.