5 things we learned from Michigan football spring game

Michigan football played its spring game on Saturday and here are five things we learned about the Wolverines.
Michigan Football Spring Game
Michigan Football Spring Game / Jaime Crawford/GettyImages
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Defensive depth is overrated issue

Defensive depth has been another hot topic of conversation. Michigan football has shown some interest in cornerbacks, linebackers, and defensive lineman.

While you can never have enough depth, after watching the spring game, I feel pretty good about where Michigan football stands. T.J. Guy had a sack and looked like a capable third rusher. Kechaun Bennett also played well. Jimmy Rolder would have had a sack, plus a holding penalty drawn if the game was live and the youngsters in the secondary impressed me.

Zeke Berry is a third-year guy now. He's going into his junior season but he looked like a starter and played a bunch of snaps in the nickel role. Ja'Den McBurrows, Jyaire Hill, and D.J. Waller all impressed too. There were some tough moments, such as a blown coverage by Waller, but Hill had a nice deflection down the field. Waller also had an interception.

We'll see if Michigan loses any players to the portal, but outside of a cornerback, or an extra defensive tackle, there isn't much to worry about on the defensive two-deep.