5 things we learned from Michigan football spring game

Michigan football played its spring game on Saturday and here are five things we learned about the Wolverines.
Michigan Football Spring Game
Michigan Football Spring Game / Jaime Crawford/GettyImages
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The O-line will continue to be a strength

One of the biggest question marks outside of the quarterback position, is the offensive line. There is plenty of talent on the roster but Michigan football lost its top six offensive lineman to the NFL.

Greg Crippen is taking over at center. There won't be much dropoff and he's going to be an NFL player. Josh Priebe and Giovanni El-Hadi were also held out due to injury. I'm not worried about them either. El-Hadi has started games and the O-line didn't skip a beat, plus Priebe was an All-Big Ten selection last year for Northwestern. Raheem Anderson is another G/C that's coming on.

I was keeping a close eye on the tackles. Myles Hinton played well and I have little doubt he'll start at left tackle if he's healthy. He has the chance to be a dude. Yet, the guy who grabbed my attention was Andrew Gentry.

Genry was a top-100 recruit at one time. He went on a Mormon Mission out of high school and then flipped from BYU to Michigan football. It has taken a couple of years, but he's back to himself. Genty was blowing dudes off the ball. It was impressive and I think Michigan has found its right tackle.

Jeffrey Persi and Blake Frazier also did some good things. Amir Herring too. Overall, the offensive line held up well and quality play up front will be a staple of Sherrone Moore's team now and in the future.