5 things we learned from Michigan football spring game

Michigan football played its spring game on Saturday and here are five things we learned about the Wolverines.
Michigan Football Spring Game
Michigan Football Spring Game / Jaime Crawford/GettyImages
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For the first time since the national championship game, we saw Michigan football on the field. It was just the spring game, but it was the first look at Team 145 all the same.

There was plenty to like in a game that saw the Maize team win 17-7. There were 10 points scored in the first half, followed by a pair of Davis Warren touchdown passes in the second. One of those was to Fredrick Moore. The other went to Kendrick Bell.

Michigan football didn't play its star players long. But we still learned plenty about the Wolverines are here are five we learned on Saturday, starting with the quarterbacks.

Quarterback battle is far from settled

Alex Orji and Davis Warren each had their moments. Warren threw the ball better than any other quarterback, but Orji, who rushed for a touchdown, wasn't able to do what he does best. Run the ball.

Orji is going to be much more effective when the design run is part of the gameplan. That didn't make sense in a spring game but based on that, and the way he threw the ball, Orji is still my bet to be the starting quarterback.

This competition is far from over. Kirk Campbell said Michigan football wasn't thinking about the transfer portal in terms of a quarterback, so the starter is on the roster. Jack Tuttle could work his way into the mix too and a platoon is always possible, but Orji feels like the best bet to me.

Orji didn't have the flashy throws down the field, but we have to remember, Warren did what he did against the reserves. The spring game is sort of like the preseason in the NFL. It doesn't always predict success.