5 things to watch for Michigan football vs. Washington in CFP National Championship

Michigan football will play Washington in Houston on Monday night and here are five things to watch.
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
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What about special teams?

One thing is clear going into the national championship game: both teams have to be better on special teams. The Wolverines and Huskies both survived gaffes.

Michigan muffed two punts and missed two important kicks. That was uncharacteristic and I don't see that being an issue again. Jay Harbaugh is one of the best special teams coaches in the country and he will find a way to shore up those issues.

Semaj Morgan was trying to make a play and just made a mistake. He made some big plays later in the game, but struggled to catch the ball on punts. I'm not sure if you want him or Jake Thaw back there but the biggest thing is securing the catch.


This game is going to be close and if the Wolverines give away points on special teams, or if either team does, it could be the difference on Monday night.