5 most exciting Michigan football players of the past 20 years

After hearing a debate about who the most exciting college football players of all time are, it got me thinking about who the most exciting players over the last 20 years from Michigan football have been.

Michigan State v Michigan
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3. Mike Hart

I remember watching Hart as a middle school/high school aged kid and thinking to myself that I need to cherish this because I don't think I will ever see a better college running back in my life. He constantly was making guys miss, breaking tackles and gaining yards that he had no business gaining.

Hart was relentless, fearless, and always ended up falling forward which is one of the best qualities a running back can have (Corum was fantastic at this as well). Hart rushed 1,015 times for 5,040 yards and 41 touchdowns. His rush attempts and rush yards are both school records and his 41 career touchdowns are fifth all-time. He was so consistent every single year and could always be counted on to come through.

Hart was a true Michigan football legend who always delivered memorable plays in each game he played. His shiftiness and YAC yards earn Mike Hart the #3 spot on this list.