3 transfers still in the mix for Michigan Football

Sherrone Moore is not done accepting transfers for team 145, but is still whiffing on on some of the bigger names out there.
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3. Isaiah Wright OT Buffalo

Wright is another name mentioned by Nakos and said to be visiting in the future. Nothing has been confirmed by any Michigan personalities though. He basically has two seasons of starting experience at left tackle for the Bulls. Wright and his teammates allowed the third-fewest sacks in the conference in 2023. He's also interested in other Big Ten schools too.

Michigan football can still use some offensive line help as, on paper, it looks like it will have its weakest group since 2020. Wright would push to probably be in it right away for the right tackle vacancy with Jeffrey Persi and Andrew Gentry.

Wright's best choice would obviously be Michigan out of the three schools he is being linked to because of the development and abundance of recent success. Fellow Big Ten squads cannot counter that argument to the extent that Michigan can.


In the meantime coach Moore will continue to search for the next Cam Goode, LaDarius Henderson, Josh Wallace and so on. There's three months to camp and Wallace didn't transfer till late so Michigan may have to wait patiently for that one or two guys who can complete the roster in their eyes.