3 reasons why Michigan Football can make the College Football Playoff again

It's never easy to repeat, but the Wolverines should have enough fire power to, at least get back to the playoffs in December.
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3. 10 wins or more should qualify for an automatic berth

The top 12 teams in the 2023 playoff rankings each had 10 wins or more and that was not including a non-power group of five school. That should be a prerequisite for qualifying. In Michigan's case they look like the current favorite in 9 of their 12 games in 2024, meaning they'll have to knock off another win to feel safe about making the playoff.

A home playoff game in the winter is doable and would be a disaster for an SEC team or a school from the west coast. That's where Michigan's advantage of playing in that bitter cold weather and having a potent run game that they could potentially have would be on their side. Plus there could be a lot of rematches which ruins the sacredness of the game in my opinion, but that won't kill the sport by any means.


Going 9-3 is no guarantee that one will make the playoff and is almost a certainty that you'll probably miss out on unless a lot of losses happen within the top 12. There are no rules, but finishing in the top two of the expanded Power-4 conferences means they'll be automatically entered into the equation, while about five or so other teams could be politicking for one of the four spots remaining.