3 reasons why Michigan Football can make the College Football Playoff again

It's never easy to repeat, but the Wolverines should have enough fire power to, at least get back to the playoffs in December.
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2. An Expanded Playoff

With a new 12 team playoff format the chances of making the illusive postseason will be easier than ever before. Last year's undefeated Florida State team would have been the five seed and got there shot, all the while not having to face a pissed off Georgia squad in a meaningless new year's six bowl. This time around three loss teams could be left out and everyone will argue whether they were excluded or not.

The field ought to be loaded with three to four teams from the Big Ten and the SEC, meaning about eight of the seeds should be taken up right there. The other four will comprise of the ACC and Big 12. An undefeated or one-loss squad like Liberty was last season will likely get a chance to crash the party and earn a top 12 seed depending upon where they rank.

Oregon and Ohio State appear to be locks unless they completely collapse, while Michigan football and other programs will be battling it out for a spot in the rotation as well. In the final CFP rankings before the playoff last season, three Big Ten teams would have qualified, but that is not counting Washington and the Ducks. No three-loss teams or worse would have been included in the mix.