3 realistic coaches to replace Juwan Howard for Michigan Basketball

Ever since the 2022 sweet 16 loss to Villanova, Michigan basketball has been in a downward spiral under the leadership of a Michigan legend.
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3. Brian Dutcher San Diego State

Why not replace a member of the Fab five with a coach of the Fab five era? Dutcher is older than the previous two options, but he can win. He did it last year and hasn't had a losing season yet at SDSU. He's paid his dues as an assistant and this would be a a reward for all of his work that has not gone unnoticed.

There sure would be an awkward moment if Dutcher got the job though. How would Juwan Howard respond to the change, as well as the rest of the Fab five? How would John Beilein's players react to another Fab five mainstay as the new leading man? As long as Dutcher would contend, then he could certainly unite the fanbase like Beilein did.

Dutcher is the most logical choice and will continue to be until the position is stabilized or filled, but going in another direction like Otzelberger or Paris wouldn't be a bad idea with the way they are trending upwards.


Regardless Warde Manuel needs to get this right if he passes on Howard. His handling of Jim Harbaugh was not received well by some, so getting the Michigan basketball team on the upswing again has to be a high priority.