3 pressing transfer portal needs for Michigan Football this offseason

Sherrone Moore's work is just beginning and he still has some holes to fill on the Michigan football roster that he could improve by hitting the transfer portal sooner rather than later.
David Rodriguez Munoz / USA TODAY
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2. A left or right tackle

Myles Hinton is back and will lockdown one of the starting spots. The rest of the line will be rebuilt as well. Giovanni El-Hadi looks like a replacement at guard who can be dependable. The other guard appears to be Josh Priebe. Greg Crippen may finally start at center after years of waiting. That leaves one tackle spot open.

Andrew Gentry and Jeffrey Persi have been the two most talked about big men to slide into the role. Both have played sparingly throughout their careers. A wildcard name to keep an eye on could be freshman Andrew Sprague. He is Michigan's highest rated recruit at tackle on 247sports, on3.com and espn.

Kayden Proctor would have been a perfect fit, but Michigan football was focused on transition mode to the offseason. We've seen what Sherrone Moore can do with the line, so it's not hard to imagine that he'll oversee the group once Grant Newsome officially takes over there.