3 overreactions from Michigan Football's win over Alabama

These are three of the most absurd overreactions from Michigan football's unprecedented win over the SEC champions.
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3. Michigan football would not have bested Georgia

After Georgia's 63-3 demolishment of Florida State, Georgia will make a gripe that they should have been in the final four. Kirby Smart had a reasonable argument that his club was one of the nation's top four following a narrow loss to Alabama, but they lost fair and square. There's no second chance in college football.

I can see them getting in over Florida State because of the Jordan Travis injury, but four schools above them had a more worthy resume. All four were conference champions and that was their weakness. Georgia had their time and now it will be the Big Ten or one last hurrah for the Pac 12 to go out on top.


Michigan would probably not have matched up well with the Bulldogs on paper to some, but they were not as powerful as they were the last two seasons. Even though they were slightly favored, the experts were picking Alabama because of their almighty prowess. Its yet to be seen but this win could change the landscape of college football as we know it.