3 overreactions from Michigan Football's win over Alabama

These are three of the most absurd overreactions from Michigan football's unprecedented win over the SEC champions.
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2. This win is not as prodigious as the Ohio State wins

This is a hard statement to make and I may very well be wrong on this, but the timing of it seems right. It would make this an overreaction and one that can be considered a slight one, depending upon who you ask. Beating Ohio State will never tire, but this is the next best thing, until presumably next Monday night in Houston.

Alabama has been on top of college football for as long as Nick Saban has been there. They rarely, and I can't emphasize this enough, rarely ever have a down year. Last season was one of those anomalies. The same can be said for the Buckeyes as well. Putting Michigan football in this category is rarefied air that we may not see again for a while in Ann Arbor.

Wins like this were a dream in 2020. The program was at rock bottom and Jim Harbaugh got an extension for some head-scratching reason. What a difference 365 days made and a quarterback who will go down as Michigan's winningest for this world-renown program. This core can go down in history as 15-0 and leave a legacy that may never be replicated again.