3 overreactions from Michigan Football's win over Alabama

These are three of the most absurd overreactions from Michigan football's unprecedented win over the SEC champions.
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Hours have passed since the 2024 Rose Bowl wrapped up and the adrenaline is still running high throughout the Michigan football clubhouse. They advance to the college football playoff finale of the four-team era. It could end up being the same way it started, with a Big Ten factory reigning supreme over a Pac-12 conference champion that will soon cease to exist.

Here are three of the overreaction's from Monday's majestic victory.

1. Alabama was the de facto national championship game

As much as it felt like this was the superior matchup to Texas/Washington, its not a true statement because it was only a semifinal. That makes this an overreaction that can be debated forever. Both playoff tilts came down to the last play and despite what Florida State says, the committee was proven right for their controversial selections.

This colossal collision lived up to every expectation and then some. People will be talking about it for a long time to come. I'll personally take it to my grave knowing that it was the best money I have ever spent on a college football game, until the next one rolls around. It proves once again that college football is the greatest sport on this earth, bar none.

Dethroning Alabama and the SEC cannot be understated. The only thing better would have been to take out two SEC teams to win an outright title. It would make all the critics eat their words, even if it lasted for just one short year. Michigan football is now the hunted with only Washington standing in their way of immortality.