3 overreactions from Michigan Football's National Championship victory

These are three of the most absurd overreactions from the 12th National Championship in Michigan football history.
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3. This championship is tainted with an asterisk

That's what certain fanbases (Ohio State and Michigan State) are squawking at each other and Michigan football fans on social media and more. To them, they anticipate the championship to be vacated and expect more sanctions to come down the line. That is an extreme overreaction that holds no merit from the jealous detractors.

The reality is they are terrified of this moment. They'll say whatever it takes to their followers to appease them. Jim Harbaugh served his suspensions and they still beat everyone without him. There's nothing more they can do to erase this from their memories and have to live with it like Michigan football did when they were battered by the Buckeyes, had trouble with the snap, endured the Rich Rodriguez/Brady Hoke fiascos, and sleepwalked through the covid campaign of 2020, just to wait for their savior from IMG.


Cade McNamara helped build the empire, but J.J. McCarthy elongated it. He will now either stick around for one more fling or hand the reigns over to Jadyn Davis. Nonetheless the future in Ann Arbor is blinding the doubters. This championship and three-year run is not a fluke, it is the result of an endless amount of blood, sweat, and tears.