3 names who could fill Michigan Basketball's last roster spot or two

Dusty May is about done accepting transfers and recruits to fill his first team at Michigan, but at least one or two spots still remain open as the portal closes.
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2. Jace Howard

Perhaps Howard has already decided to stay and he just doesn't want to announce it until he is good and ready. He graduated recently and coach May could have done his father a solid by letting him stay on as a scholarship player. If that's the case then he'll be put in an awkward situation. He would be better off transferring and opening a spot for a more talented prospect.

Howard would be one of the last role players in the rotation off the bench. Regardless, it's evident that Michigan basketball has been a winner in the offseason. They got about everything they could have hoped for, except Johnell Davis. That's why its more important then ever that Michigan continues to up their NIL game to land Khani Rooths in the absence of Davis. It's clear as day though that Michigan will not give in to those asking for more NIL, so landing Rooths feels like its gonna be slim at best.

Olivier Nkamhoua didn't commit until last June, so the staff may have to wait a while for the next commit or two. One may possibly even come from the NBA process if so inclined. Things have gone very silent since Vlad Goldin came from FAU a week ago.