3 must-land recruits in the 2025 class for Michigan football

In this article, I examine three areas where the Michigan football team needs to make a splash in their 2025 recruiting class, and look at where the Wolverines currently stand in those areas.
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An Elite Wide Receiver

It's no surprise that Michigan football has had struggles when it comes to recruiting elite wide receivers; they run the ball a ton and just haven't been a super-dynamic passing team. Well, they're going to need an elite receiver. Specifically, a big-bodied receiver. With many of the stars of Michigan's 2023 roster gone, Michigan needs a big-time receiving threat.

Michigan football has consistently landed smaller receivers over the past few seasons, and while that is great, they need a guy who can go up and catch 50-50 balls consistently. Especially considering that rivals (Ohio State) continue to land elite defensive backs, Michigan needs a guy who can have success against anyone.

There are a handful of great names on this list as well. Five star Kaliq Lockett out of Texas is atop the list. He'll be a very tough pull, but Michigan has a chance here and is seen as a real contender. Other names include top 100 prospect Andrew Marsh from Texas, borderline top 100 prospect Quincy Porter from New Jersey, and four stars Tayln Taylor and Taz Williams.

Ideally, Michigan lands two of these guys. Realistically, I'm not too sure how likely that is. I think Porter and Taylor are the most realistic, just based on the fact that the others are all from Texas. If Michigan were able to land one or both of those two, it would be a great success.

Sherrone Moore is going to have to sell recruits on the idea that he will throw the ball more and give receivers more of a chance to shine in his offense. If he can do that, any of these guys are real possibilities. But right now, I'm just not too confident when it comes to recruiting star receivers.