3 college football hall of fame candidates from Michigan Football's National Championship team

20 years or so from now the college football hall of fame will be inducting a crop of talent from a remarkable national championship Michigan football team into its hallowed halls.
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2. Mikey Sainristil

The leader of the defense. Mikey outplayed his recruiting rankings by far. His transition from wide receiver to cornerback shows what he is made of. He didn't miss a beat and his interception of Michael Penix sealed the national championship victory and put a bow on his emphatic career with Michigan football.

He and Corum embody the mantra of "those who stay will be champions." His pass breakup on Cade Stover in Columbus may be the play that he is most remembered for. When people bring up the trivia question about how many years it took Michigan to win in Columbus, They'll mention Sainristil's name in the same sentence because of that game-defining play.

There's a reason why a lot of folks like Nick Saban were raving about players like Sainristil and Corum as they move on. They are young men who earned the right to attend one of the nation's most revered universities and didn't waste the once in a lifetime oppurtunity they were gifted with like so many do at that age. After their playing careers are over they will be in high demand as they choose which path to partake in, especially if they wish to come back and be the next head coach of Michigan football.