3 college football hall of fame candidates from Michigan Football's National Championship team

20 years or so from now the college football hall of fame will be inducting a crop of talent from a remarkable national championship Michigan football team into its hallowed halls.
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Picking just three names from a historic Michigan football program who achieved the ultimate prize in the sport is easy. Anyone can argue that there should be more and they would be correct in that sentiment. J.J. McCarthy could be in the conversation because of his record. Zak Zinter belongs in it too. Perhaps even Will Johnson, when his playing days are over in Ann Arbor. The list can go on and on.

That's why I've picked the three most important Michigan football players who have earned the prestigious call one day. Together they've left a legacy that may not be equaled for generations to come in Ann Arbor.

1. Blake Corum

Outside of coach Harbaugh, Blake Corum may have been the most well-known Wolverine on the roster. His off the field charity work was the most humbling part about the superstar. He has a endless work ethic that can get him far in the NFL just like it did at Michigan. Guys like him don't come around very often and don't earn all the accolades that he did without unwavering support from everyone around him.

His on-the-field resume speaks for itself. Corum might have won the Heisman too if not for that injury versus Illinois. In 10 years or more, we'll probably see a lot of Michigan parents name their kids after him. He will go down as one of the most popular Michigan football players ever from this era, alongside Aidan Hutchinson, J.J. McCarthy, coach Harbaugh, and many more. His desire and drive were unmatched in a maize and blue uniform.