3 absolute long-shot head coaches for Michigan Basketball

With Juwan Howard gone, Michigan basketball and Warde Manuel can shift the focus on getting the Wolverines back to where the football program presently lies with three unrealistic coaching candidates.
Kirthmon F. Dozier, Detroit Free Press,
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2. Danny Hurley UConn

Warde Manuel came from Connecticut, but he left in 2016 before the Huskies hired Danny Hurley. The Big East is one of the most storied conferences in the country, but it's not like the depths of the Big Ten. Hurley has always been around the Big East area during his coaching tenure. He played at Seton Hall and coached at Rutgers as an assistant before their Big Ten days.

Moving to the Big Ten would be a head-scratching one, especially coming off of 2023's success and realistically another goal in sight. Hurley is like a big fish in a little pond in the Big East and would be a little fish in a big pond in the Big Ten. Like former Michigan basketball head coach John Beilein, the NBA may be on Hurley's mind one day though.

His brother was the household name, but he has certainly taken that moniker away from him with what he has accomplished at UConn. Hurley also just signed a lucrative extension of around 32 million that will keep him in Hartford, so Michigan basketball would have to make him the richest coach in the game if they wish to pry him away from there.