2014 Michigan football vs. 2024 Michigan football

The NCAA Football 2025 video game is coming out this summer so let's have some fun and look at a hypothetical matchup between the last Michigan team to be in the game vs the projected team for the upcoming game.
2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington / Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/GettyImages
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College football fans across the country are all excited to play the new NCAA Football video game that is set to come out this summer.

The marketing for this video game has been flawless up to this point. Players are now able to start opting into the game if they would like to be represented and if they do, they will be given $600 and a free copy of the video game. Players like Will Johnson and Donovan Edwards have already opted in and I would assume the rest of the Michigan football roster will be following their lead.

The last cover athlete for the video game in 2014 was none other than Denard Robinson, and there's an outside chance that this year's cover athlete will be J.J. McCarthy or Blake Corum. Ten years have gone by between editions of the game and that got me thinking that it would be fun to compare Michigan football rosters from the last game to a projected roster of what the Michigan team will look like in the new game. I am factoring in age and production when I mention players so guys that were on the roster but not making an impact at the time won't necessarily be mentioned.

Quarterback: Devin Gardner vs Alex Orji/Jayden Denegal

Devin Gardner came in as a huge recruit. He had tons of talent and put up big numbers. However, those numbers would often also come with turnovers as well. He was as tough as they come and really stood for what it meant to be a Michigan man. It will be interesting to see who wins the 2024 Michigan football quarterback battle.

Kirk Campbell has stated that Jayden Denegal was the most improved player on the roster. Alex Orji has been impactful and impressive in his limited-time in-game action. I imagine both guys will see time but regardless of who starts, I think Orji will be a weapon in the video game no matter what. He will be a guy you have to work into certain packages to utilize his elite athleticism.

Edge: 2014