Bruce Feldman ‘would be surprised’ if Jim Harbaugh is back with Michigan football

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The Jim Harbaugh to NFL chatter has begun and one prominent analyst believes Michigan football will have a new head coach in 2024. 

If you’re getting annoyed with the national media, there’s a good chance you aren’t alone among Michigan football fans.

For weeks, there was non-stop talk about “sign gate” which is still the most overblown scandal in the history of college sports — maybe any sport — ever.

It was all orchestrated to get Jim Harbaugh off the sidelines. It worked for three games in the 2023 season and even forced him out for ‘The Game.’

However, the long-term damage could still be done if Harbaugh isn’t signed to a long-term extension. It was all set to happen before the NCAA launched its investigation based on information U-M believes it got from a PI firm hired by Ohio State.

Still, following the win over the Buckeyes, and despite some “optimism” that a new deal with Harbaugh would get done, Bruce Feldman is still saying that he believes the Wolverines will have a new head coach in 2024.

"“The NCAA is not going to be done with Michigan now. There will be more punishment, and if Jim Harbaugh is still there, it’s not like, ‘oh yeah, he served three games for the Big 10, but we’re still not happy with how the sanctions are going to be laid out for the recruiting issues.’ So I think I’d still be surprised if Jim Harbaugh was the head coach at Michigan a year from now.”"

Take this with a grain of salt because people like Feldman have said that before and I question if he has reliable sources inside the program.

Still, it reinforces that Michigan football needs to get a deal done with Harbaugh. The 2024 team isn’t going to fall off as much as people think though. There is plenty of talent on this roster and if Harbaugh is back, a berth in the 12-team playoff certainly seems possible.

Even if the NCAA investigation isn’t going anywhere, that could be solved by making Sherrone Moore the head coach in waiting. If there’s another suspension, he can take over the ship temporarily again, plus his presence would add some much-needed stability for recruiting.

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We’ll see what happens but don’t buy what Feldman is selling hook, line, and sinker. It’s certainly possible that Harbaugh is gone, but I believe it’s a better than 50-50 bet he’ll be back.