Michigan football: Connor Stalions might have used disguise to scout Michigan State

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
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The latest revelation in the Michigan football scandal relating to Connor Stalions is wild as Central Michigan is investigating if he was on their sideline during the MSU game. 

Just when you think this whole Connor Stalions Michigan football sign-stealing scandal couldn’t get any dumber, photos of Stalions apparently attending a Michigan State game in disguise are working their way around social media.

One thing that has become clear throughout his entire ordeal — the NCAA investigation into Michigan football in-person scouting — is that Stalions is off his rocker.

First, he was running a scheme to pay people to scout games for him across the country at the cost of $15K per the Washington Post. Now, we have learned that Stalions might have taken a trip to East Lansing on a Friday, somehow got some CMU gear, and hung out in the restricted section.

Many have questioned if this is Stalions. Folks are breaking down the facial hair and his actual hair to make determinations (there’s where are we, breaking down hairlines).

But according to a tweet from MGoBlog, the photo is indeed of Stalions. MGoBlog also reports that Michigan football didn’t know and neither did Central Michigan.

This shows that Stalions was a lone wolf

While rival fans will interpret this in whatever way they want, this only lends credence to the idea that Stalions was breaking rules on his own accord. Do you really think Jim Harbaugh authorized this undercover operation?

Let’s not even mention the fact that Michigan football beat Michigan State 49-0 without knowing their signals because MSU didn’t use signals that night and got destroyed.

If this did happen, it wasn’t benefiting Michigan football. This was about benefitting Stalions who was willing to do anything to impress his bosses and move up the ladder.

It’s fair to say Stalions should never have been hired and the athletic department has some questions to answer about the way it vets people.

All this to say, as bad as it looks, I don’t see how this will change anything. There’s no way that Jim Harbaugh authorized that and anyone saying he did, you’ll look as ridiculous as Connor Stalions on the sideline scouting Michigan State — if that’s even him. More and more people are suggesting that it’s not.

Update: Central Michigan University is now investigating if Stalions was on the sideline. So we’ll find out one way or another but as I said, I don’t see this impacting the investigation much.