Michigan football: Latest report leads to more question than answers

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The Washington Post has a new report about the Michigan football scandal stating an outside firm alerted the NCAA. 

It seems like the news is getting worse and worse for Michigan football. The latest report from the Washington Post says that an outside firm actually started this investigation.

"“The sign-stealing investigation threatening to disrupt Michigan’s football season began after an outside investigative firm approached the NCAA with documents and videos the firm said it had obtained from computer drives maintained and accessed by multiple Michigan coaches, according to two people familiar with the matter, evidence that suggests the scandal’s impact could broaden beyond the suspension of one low-level assistant.”"

The report says multiple Michigan coaches but doesn’t name any specifically. The Washington Post article also said this firm provided no evidence connecting to head coach Jim Harbaugh.

In another report by the Detroit News, Michigan football has turned over its cell phones and tablets as part of the investigation so if this thing does go much higher up, we’ll find out soon enough.

According to Chris Balas of The Wolverine, Michigan is expected to have a meeting with the NCAA this week. Maybe there will be more evidence presented but it seems like this will all be much clearer once that meeting takes place.

What’s wrong though is the way the NCAA continues to leak one side of this story.

Michigan football can’t comment and can’t defend itself. Also, the NCAA is breaking its own rules by leaking all of this stuff.

Furthermore, how did this outside firm get access to Michigan computers? That seems fishy. We should also know who paid for this investigation and the means that were used to gather this evidence.

There still is no evidence that Jim Harbaugh directed this scheme and I have a hard time believing he directed a scheme that certainly wasn’t elaborate.

If that evidence does come out, his time at Michigan could be coming to an end very soon. I think that would be dumb, but the Michigan athletic department isn’t known for backing its coaches or giving them all the resources needed to win (within the rules).

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So yes, this is worrisome. But there are more questions than answers right now about this Michigan football scandal that just seems to keep expanding.