4 Thoughts on Michigan Football Halfway Through the Season

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh talks with quarterback J.J. McCarthy during the second half of Michigan's 31-7 win on Saturday, Sept. 23 2023, in Ann Arbor.
Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh talks with quarterback J.J. McCarthy during the second half of Michigan's 31-7 win on Saturday, Sept. 23 2023, in Ann Arbor. /
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Fall is finally here as the leaves once again change color, over 100,000 fans file into the Big House on Saturdays, and Christmas decorations find the shelves of local supermarkets three holidays too early. What’s more, it’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the Michigan Football regular season. I could choose to quote a great philosopher like Aristotle or Socrates commenting on the constant passing of time. Instead, I think I’ll just quote Micheal Scott by saying “It’s like all my kids grew up and then married each other. It’s every parent’s dream.”

Okay, maybe that quote isn’t super applicable to this article or Michigan Football. But who am I to question the wisdom of Micheal Scott? Anyway — here are a few thoughts on what we’ve seen from the Wolverines in the first half of the season.

Michigan football Looks Like the Best Team in the Country

Michigan looks like they’ve taken a step forward from last season’s 12-0 regular season. The passing game is more developed. Roman Wilson is quietly becoming one of the best receivers in the country. J.J. McCarthy has taken a huge step forward in his development. The offensive line is starting to click. And Blake Corum is looking like himself again.

And that’s just the offensive side of the ball. On defense, this looks like it could be the best unit Harbaugh has ever had. There is so much depth and talent, particularly along the defensive line. Other than Minnesota for one-half of the game, teams haven’t been able to run against Michigan all season.

Just as important as what Michigan’s done is what the other teams around the country are doing. Georgia didn’t look like themselves until this past weekend against Kentucky. Even with the blowout win, I’m not sold just yet that this Georgia team is the dynasty that they’ve been the last two seasons. There are some major flaws along the offensive line that could cause them problems down the road.

Alabama lost to Texas and has struggled in a handful of games. Speaking of Texas, they just lost to Oklahoma in a game that could end up keeping them out of the College Football Playoffs. Florida State’s wins are looking less and less impressive. And best of all for Michigan football fans, Ohio State has really struggled this season. The offensive line was a question mark for them entering the year and so far through five games, it has yet to be answered. Never take anything in this rivalry for granted, but right now if these two teams met, I’d take Michigan by 50.

Michigan may be ranked #2 in the AP poll right now, but they look better than anyone else in college football through the first six games of their schedule. There’s a very legitimate opportunity for this team to get to Houston and win a national championship at the end of this season.